October Blog Challenge: Our Food Stories

If you had a chance to check out the Texas Book Festival last weekend in Austin, you might have seen a few familiar faces.  Several Austin Food Blogger Alliance members were featured in the weekend lineup. The Austin Food Blogger Alliance Cookbook that started as a desire to share a legacy and memories of the family kitchen is now a reality thanks to Addie Broyles and her team of AFBA volunteers who put it all together.  Addie talked up the book and prepared her Gaga’s Coffeecake on Sunday at the festival. Why are we all here anyways?  A common thread shared between AFBA members is our love of food: sharing, preparing, growing and writing about food.  This month’s challenge was to share our stories, as we did in the cookbook and continue to do on our blogs every day!

Elvis Burger (The Clothes Make the Girl)

Elvis Burger (The Clothes Make the Girl)

Rebooting with a memory (A is for Austin)

Rebooting with a memory (A is for Austin)


Mis EmmaLou's Honey Bars (Food Good, Laundry Bad)

Mis EmmaLou’s Honey Bars (Food Good, Laundry Bad)

If you are looking to volunteer, contact info@austinfoodbloggers.org. November brings us a step closer to winter.  Let’s put those stock pots to good use!  The next challenge is all about soups and stews to soothe the soul.  Get busy finding your favorite hot bowl of comfort, send your entries to membership@austinfoodbloggers.org by Nov 30th.


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Heather Santos is the Membership Chair for the Austin Food Blogger Alliance and can be reached at membership@austinfoodbloggers.org

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