Member Spotlight: Lauren Lever

Lauren Lever writes Fitorama with the mantra, “sweat every day.”  She has a fun sartorial twist on working out and her favorite foods.


Tell us about yourself! Where are you from? Why do you blog? What is your focus?

I am originally from Mississippi, but I have lived in Austin for the past six years. I blog to keep myself accountable! My focus is on health and fitness because mainly I am envious of the svelte physiques of the trainers, and I used to do go-go dancing and had a better shape. I have been trying to get back into that, but at 31 it has been harder to keep my metabolism high, so I think keeping a blog is a way for me to maintain my fitness plan, and to also focus on a clean eating plan.

How did you start blogging?

I have had personal blogs on livejournal throughout my 20’s but wanted to have something people can relate to better in my 30’s. I have blogged with my company through WordPress, so I thought it would be cool to have one of my own.

What items are always in your fridge or pantry?

Right now, since I am trying to save a little bit of money, but still eat relatively well (no ramen!), I have stocked up on lentils and brown rice as a boring weeknight meal. It isn’t paleo or gluten-free, which I sometimes dabble in, but it is really low calorie and the lentils and rice provide a complete protein, so I know I am eating well. It is not the most exciting thing to eat, but I am addicted to spices like cumin and turmeric to give the meal a bit of a zip, so it doesn’t quite feel like punishment for paying off credit card bills.

If you could share dinner with anyone, who would you host and what would you eat?

I would love to sit down with someone like Jillian Michaels or Bob Hopper just to see what they eat. My guess is that it would be some kind of lean protein with a lot of green vegetables.

What is your favorite AFBA memory?

I don’t have any, yet!

What is your most popular post?

The most popular post I have made is one where I use a graphic by the blog “Go Kaleo” in which she compares the symptoms of so-called adrenal fatigue with actual starvation. My point extending from hers was that that people interested in health and wellness should remain skeptical in looking for ways to improve ourselves and rely on more scientifically proven ways to lose weight, such as a cleaner diet, for example, than to take a bunch of unneeded supplements. Since her blog is a popular one, she linked to me, and therefore I was able to a lot more traffic than I normally do. Linking to other more popular blogs was a tip given to me from AFBA, btw!


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