2023 Best Places to Eat in Austin: Food, Drinks, and Neighborhood Guides!

A collection of guides to the best food and drinks in Austin, according to top food bloggers in Central Texas.

Looking for the best places to eat, drink or hang out in and around Austin, including the top restaurants, bars, and coffee shops? You’re in the right place. We’ve got guides including hundreds of recommendations from top local bloggers who know food and beverage scene. Whether you want to discover new food and drink, stay up-to-date on the Austin food scene, or find the perfect spot for a special occasion, we’ve got you covered.

From pizza, to poke, to paella, and everything in between – we’ve got a little something for everyone. We can also help you find a brunch spot, somewhere to take the kids, or a spot for a memorable date night … whether you’re downtown,  south of the river, or way up north. For all of this and much more, check out the comprehensive Austin food guides below (updated for 2023).

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Image Credit: The Austin Things

Austin Food Guides by Dish or Cuisine


Birria Tacos – by Craft Beer Amethyst

Biscuits – by ATX Bites 

Breakfast Tacos – by The Austin Things

Burgers – by ATX FYI

Burgers for Takeout – by ATX Bites

Charcuterie and Cheese Boards – by Dawn the Gourmand

Cookies – by ATX Bites

Cupcakes – by Fearless Captivations

Donuts – by Kitchen Concoctions

French Fries – by The Austin Things

Fried Chicken – by The Austin Things

Fried Chicken Sandwiches– by ATX Bites

Ice Cream – by Discovering ATX

Juice and Smoothies – by Kitchen Concoctions

Matcha Desserts – by Discovering ATX

Milkshakes – by Phat Phoodies

Paella – by Wine with Lisa

Pasta Dishes – by Phat Phoodies

Pastries – by Fearless Captivations

Poké – by Sushi in the ATX

Queso – by The Austin Things

Ramen – by Phat Phoodies

Sandwiches collab post – by ATX Bites

Sandwiches collab post – by PHAT Phoodies

Sushi – by Sushi in the ATX

Tacos – by The Austin Things

Image Credit: Fearless Captivations

Guides to the Best Drinks in Austin

Breweries – by Craft Beer Austin

Beer Festivals – by Craft Beer Amethyst

Brewery Tours – by Craft Beer Austin

Where to Drink in Cedar Park and Leander – by Discovering ATX

Central Texas Mug Clubs – by Craft Beer Austin

Cider in Austin – by Craft Beer Austin

Coffee Shops to Work From – by ATX Bites

Craft Beer Bars (Not Breweries or Brewpubs) – by Craft Beer Amethyst

Distillery Taprooms – by Craft Beer Amethyst

Where to Drink Wine in East Austin – by ATX Bites

Wine Bars – by The Austin Things

Image Credit: ATX Bites

Austin Food Guides by Occasion or Genre

Austin FC Watch Spots – by Craft Beer Austin

Brunch Spots – by The Austin Things

Culinary Classes – by Fearless Captivations

Desserts – by Fearless Captivations

Drive-Thru Restaurants – by The Austin Things

Farmer’s Markets – by Fearless Captivations

Food Trucks – by The Austin Things

Happy Hour – by ATX FYI

Honky Tonks – by The Austin Things

Kid-friendly Breweries – by Craft Beer Austin

Late Night Dining – by ATX FYI

Patios – by ATX FYI

Weekend Happy Hours – by ATX Bites

Image Credit: Discovering ATX

Austin Guides by Neighborhood

Deep South Austin Bars and Restaurants – by Phat Phoodies

Deep South Austin Menchaca Rd. – by ATX FYI

East Austin Restaurants – by ATX Bites

North Austin – by Fearless Captivations

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