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The Austin to Boston Food Swap has been a huge success! With 27 AFBA members, and 54 total participants, it’s been a blast to see what everyone is sending and receiving. We are loving reading the tweets (hashtag #atxbos) and blog posts that are starting to come in on the Austin to Boston Food Swap. We’ll use this space to post all the blog posts that go up about the experience.

Tuesday, Jan. 24

  • Erin of Boston’s Creative Soul in Motion models her apron from Trailer Food Diaries’ Tiffany, and gives away a book to one lucky reader!

Monday, Jan. 16

  • Tara of Boston’s Wine Me a River on the selection of beers she sent to Matt of You Stay Hoppy Austin, and the BBQ and beer selection he sent to her.

Sunday, Jan. 15

  • Andrea, who blogs at Boston’s From Seed to Stomach, on her sweet and spicy-filled care package exchange with Rebecca of Rebeccamendations.

Monday, Jan. 9

  • Rachel of Fork it Over, Boston, co-organizer of the Austin to Boston Food Swap,on the wonderful treats she sent to Jodi of Tasty Touring
  • Pam of Cave Cibum on the goodies she exchanged with Kristina of Girl Gone Grits

Sunday, Jan. 8

Wednesday, Jan. 4

  • AFBA member Matt of You Stay Hoppy Austin on the care packages he exchanged with Tara of Wine Me a River. Matt sent Tara local beers and BBQ rub and sauce, and Tara sent Matt five local beers from the NE. And one hot sauce. Great minds think alike!

Monday, Jan. 2

  • AFBA member Mandy of Bite of Austin on her Austin and beer-lover care package for Michelle of Boston’s Savory Flavors.

Sunday, Jan. 1

Saturday, Dec. 31

Thursday, Dec. 29

  • AFBA member John of Luvs 2 Eat on the goodies he and his wife and blogging partner sent to Boston! They include a Don’t Mess with Texas post card, state of Texas cookie cutter, Alamo cookies, Salt Lick dry rub, Texas White Trash, Lammes Longhorns, and much more!

Wednesday, Dec. 28

Saturday, Dec. 24

  • Molly from Pop. Bop.Shop. on the thoughtful care package she received from Mel of Mel’s Meals that included a copy of Mel’s book on the Texas Roller Girls, a chewy pecan treat, strawberry-jalapeno preserves, and a belt-buckle made by her neighbor.

Thursday, Dec. 22

  • AFBA member Laurie of The Lonely Gourmet sent her Boston buddy Leslie some Texas chili mix, peach salsa, queso, a “Keep Austin Weird” bumper sticker, a “Don’t Mess with Texas” patch, and a T-shirt.
  • Katie of Slow Down and Savour, an AFBA member, sent her buddy Mike some local beef jerky, chili mix, rib rub, three kinds of salsa, pecan sauce, coffee, wine, nacho chips, and Edible Austin. Lucky guy!
  • Kat of Eating the Week on the care package Eli of Grubbus sent her filled with beautifully wrapped treats like an apron handmade by his wife, olive oil, pecans, honey, and Lamme’s Candies.

Wednesday, Dec. 21

  • Amanda of Pickles & Honey on Maggie of Maggie’s Farm gift of AFBA member Kate  Payne’s book, A Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking, her own cherry dessert sauce, pralines, a TX dish towel, and more!
  • Renee of Eat. Live. Blog on the local treats she sent to Laurie of The Lonely Gourmet including Biba, an all-natural drink, a BU T-shirt, Doves and Figs jam, Taza chocolate, Q’s nuts, Oatcakes, lots of reading material, and even the movie Fever Pitch!
  • Tara of Boston Food Swap on the gifts she and her blogging buddies sent to John of Luvs2Eat. They went high and low end with both Taza chocolate and Marshmallow Fluff, along with some reading material including a book about life on an oyster farm, homemade apple butter, shortbread, and Q’s nuts.

Tuesday, Dec. 20

  • Fred of Grown Away — Adventures in Food on the homemade dark chocolate-covered red velvet cake balls, pickled jalapeno jam, coffee and then chocolate-covered coffee beans, and honey from Jess of forgiving martha.

Monday, Dec. 19

  • AFBA member Eli of Grubbus shared Lamme’s candies, Round Rock honey, Texas Olive Ranch olive oil, and a custom-made waitress apron from Etsy with his vegetarian Boston swap buddy, Kat of Eating the Week.

Sunday, Dec. 18

  • AFBA member Kristina of Girl Gone Grits is grateful for food swaps and friendship with bloggers near and far. She sent Pam of Cave Cibum salsa, BBQ rub, local honey, and other local goodies from Austin.

Friday, Dec. 16

  • Mike of A Mike’s Life shared his love of trailer’s with Janis of Bite Me New England with a copy of AFBA member Tiffany Harelik’s Trailer Food Diaries Cookbook, and diablo sauce from Torchy’s Tacos, among other goodies.

Thursday, Dec. 15

  • Amanda of Pickles & Honey on the gorgeous local olive oil, chocolate, and home-baked cookies she packed up for Maggie of Maggie’s Farm

Wednesday, Dec. 14

Monday, Dec. 12

  • Molly of Pop.Bop.Shop. on the magazines, vintage postcards, dried cranberries, and MBTA mug for Mel of The Clothes Make the Girl
  • AFBA member Emme of The Kid Can Cook on the salsa, BBQ sauce, Dr Pepper syrup, and salted caramel pear butter she packed up for Carrie of Bakeaholic Mama
  • AFBA member Katie of Slow Down and Savor shares her excitement to send a package to Mike of Battlemouth

Thursday, Dec. 8

Monday, Dec. 5

Friday, Dec. 2

Such delicious fun and wonderful new friends!

-Jodi Bart, Tasty Touring


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