We’re Now Accepting Applications for our Board

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We’re now ready to begin accepting applications for the new board of directors that will lead our organization for the next two years. As we mentioned in the previous post, a selection committee made up of board members, advisory board members, and members will review the applications and make a recommendation for what members should comprise our next board. In October the  current board will vote on the new board members based on that recommendation and in November the current and incoming boards will engage in joint planning for 2013. If you’re interested in helping grow and evolve our organization, serving on the board is one of the best ways to have a direct hand in our future.

A couple of quick notes about the application process:

  • We’ll be using confidential surveys to collect your application information. Only the selection committee will see your responses.
  • You can apply for more than on board position if you are interested and qualified. All of the applications share a common set of general information questions in addition to position-specific questions, so if you’re going to apply for more than one position you might save your responses to those general questions so you can easily copy and paste them into the next application.
  • Our by-laws require that the President and Vice President have previously served on the board so only current board members may apply for these positions.
  • Please review the board position descriptions before applying. When you’re ready to apply, click the link for the position you’re interested in and complete the survey.

The application window will close at about 5am on September 17, so please have your application complete by  the evening of September 16.

The Applications

Executive Committee

Committee Chairs

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