Member Spotlight: Amy Kritzer

Amy Kritzer writes What Jew Wanna Eat? and hosts cooking classes on Google+ Hangout.


Tell us about yourself! Where are you from? Why do you blog? What is your focus?

I’m originally from Connecticut, and lived in Atlanta and NYC before I landed in Texas. I moved to Austin for the warmer weather and friendly people, but stayed for the queso and cowboys. My blog, What Jew Wanna Eat, is your source for Jewish home cooking. Armed with my Bubbe’s (grandmother’s) recipes and lots of schmaltz, I am on a quest to try one recipe a week, with my own personal twist on each. I hope people of all religions enjoy my tasty creations!

How did you start blogging?

I was feeling uninspired at my corporate job, so I started reading food blogs for fun. It didn’t take me long to decide to start my own blog and the rest is history! I loved blogging so much, I quit my job to go to culinary school and now write and teach cooking classes fulltime.

What items are always in your fridge or pantry?

Schmaltz, Sriracha, Greek yogurt, and lots of veggies.

If you could share dinner with anyone, who would you host and what would you eat?

I am newly obsessed with Rachael Ray after meeting her this year at SXSW.  She is just the most down-to-earth, happy person! I would love to have dinner with her and hear about her life.  I’d cook something easy but delicious, like fish tacos with margaritas.  And my famous chocolate hazelnut rugelach for dessert!

What is your favorite AFBA memory?

I was so excited to find out my photo was going to be on the cover of the AFBA cookbook! Being a part of the cookbook was already exciting, but this put it over the top.

What is your most popular post?

Definitely my Mexican Potato Latkes.  What’s not to love about spicy fried potatoes covered with avocado sauce? I love using local flavors to inspire my recipes.

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