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Linda blogs at Girl Eats World and is the Social Chair for Austin Food Bloggers Alliance. You can email her at linda@curious-notions.net.

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  1. Steve Boyle says:

    Linda, thank you for giving us a peek into so many restaurants before having to visit and pay for the privilege. I am quite crippled up, so making such a trek is difficult. If we discover the food is lacking, once we get there, we have little choice. Either we eat there, or we pick up quicky-chicky on the way home. Your reviews have given us a much better idea of what you expect from Austin restaurants before we trudge out to experience them.
    Thank you again!


  2. Alex Liu says:

    Hey Linda I thought your blogs are pretty artistic and really brings a really cool light to the places you eat. I would love to invite you to come try Dos Chopstix and write a blog on us! There are so many things you should try and sample from our place! I think your instagram pictures looks amazing!

    Please let me know if you would like to stop by and if so let us know a day or time!



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