Byte of Texas Scholarship Winners Announced

By September 3, 2014Events, General

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We’re thrilled to announce the winners of our Byte of Texas scholarship contest! We had a lot of really great entries, and we wish we could give tickets to everyone, but we had to choose only three.

Our winners are:

Thanks to sponsors Bob’s Red Mill and Harvard Common Press, these bloggers will be able to experience the full weekend of events at Byte of Texas! Here’s a little bit about what they wrote.

“I also love that this conference has a focus on food culture. While there are practical aspects of Full and Content, such as where to grab a great barbecue mealhow to use your loquat bounty, or even just ideas for cooking dinner, the larger story is always in my mind. The microcosm of a recipe’s ingredients or a chef’s method are all paint daubs on a larger canvas. Step back and and look at it from another angle, and the picture begins to come into focus. It’s something I always keep in my mind as I’m working on this not-so-little project (and something that possibly results from my art school training): when creating something, you have to continuously step back and forth, concentrating on finer details while remembering to keep perspective on how those details work together.” – Lisa

“There are many reasons why we choose to blog. For some, in the case of authoring a book, it’s a way to satisfy a publisher’s requirements for an author platform. For others, it’s a way to connect with other like-minded people. As I perused my blog the other day – after having been away from social media for half a year – I realised why I need to continue to write on my blog. It’s not to satisfy the author platform requirement or to have others leave comments. It’s for me. For me to remember life at a particular moment in time. Our experiences a year ago are not the same as the ones we are living now. Thoughts we had even a month ago have been shaped by experiences brought about in the time that’s passed – because life does not stop. Even when you die – either in the physical sense or in the case of a life-altering moment – life goes on.” – Natalija

“As a new writer in the world of food blogs I see an importance and value in connecting with the food bloggers that surround this area. A network of writers, photographers and professionals is invaluable as I learn about running a website, writing regularly, local products, improving my photographs and being able to positively add content to a well established, highly talented group of people and blogs.” – Kirstjen

We loved reading everyone’s inspiring words and hope these bloggers enjoy their time at Byte of Texas!

Thanks to Bob’s Red Mill and Harvard Common Press for providing scholarships to our conference.

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