AFBA Virtual Chocolate Tasting with Delysia Chocolatier

By August 12, 2020Education, Events

This summer, our members had a backyard barbecue…in chocolate form…virtually!

Ok, let me explain. Delysia Chocolatier is a local chocolate maker that makes some creative chocolate collections. To celebrate summer, we had a virtual tasting with the owner, Nicole Patel, to taste the Backyard BBQ collection.

Can you believe so much flavor can go into one chocolate truffle? Each of the four chocolates represented a different part of our barbecue and Nicole worked with local companies to infuse the flavors. We enjoyed learning how to taste the truffles and were amazed by the different flavors. Here’s what was in our tasting:

1. Smoked Salted Bourbon Pecan Truffle with Garrison Bros Bourbon
2. Honey Pecan BBQ Truffle with Salt Lick BBQ sauce
3. Blackberry Cobbler Truffle
4. Sweet Tea truffle with Deep Eddy Vodka

Good things we took photos of our chocolates because they disappeared quickly! Take a look at our members’ photos.

If you want to join a virtual tasting or try some chocolates, take a look at their website.

Thank you, Delysia Chocolatier, for the tasting!

Delysia Chocolatier
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